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Artist for a Day Proposal NSCAD
May 11th 10.00am – 4.30pm

2013 marks the centenary of two signal events in the history of art:    

1. Marcel Duchamp's "happy idea to upend a bicycle wheel on a kitchen stool and watch it turn” which inaugurated the readymade.

2. Luigi Russolo's “Art of Noises” manifesto (1913) that inaugurated the idea that that everyday sounds could be appreciated as music.

Artist for a Day provides an opportunity to commemorate these two important iconic events that have resonated throughout the past century and now part of the fabric of contemporary culture.

We propose a mass bike ride along the Halifax waterfront from Granville Mall to Point Pleasant park culminating with a noise making workshop based on the following directions laid out in the manifesto: 

Perhaps several intonarumori (noise intoners) could be built for members of the public to form impromptu noise making orchestra

"Here are six families of noises of the Futurist Orchestra which will soon be set in motion mechanically.”

1 2 3 4 5 6
Rumbles Whistles Whispers Screeches Noises Voices of
Roars Hisses Murmurs Creaks obtained animals
Explosions Snorts Mumbles Rustles by perc- and men:
Crashes Grumbles Buzzes cussion, Shouts
Splashes Gurgles Crackles on metal, Screams
Booms Scrapes wood, skin Groans
stone, Howls
terracotta, Laughs
etc. Wheezes

Luigi Russolo “Art of Noises” manifesto (1913)

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