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Tower Theory

The work is a collaborative project between Paul Cullen and Andy Thomson. Tower Theory is part of a larger collaborative project called Unified Field Theory that brings artists together in collaboration to make new single works that can challenge and extend individual ideas and aesthetic practice. Tower Theory evolved over a year or so of discussion between the two artists and reflects their mutual interest in structures and the origins of Modernism.

The actual structure that evolved over its nine-day installation period, references Tatlin’s Tower, also called the Monument to the Third International. The scrolling text that appears to flow upwards through the edifice is an excerpt from Derrida’s Writing and Difference - the seminal essay that deconstructs philosophy and represents one of the possible beginnings of post-structuralist thinking and art practice. In a sense, this tower is a provisional monument to deconstruction and it presents to the viewer the textual as writing, knowledge and texture – things to be experienced.



Jacques Derrida, (his translator Alan Bass), for his book 'Writing and Difference"

Jasmine Duthie for rendering the eight videos that constitute the scrolling text

Jake Carter for his endless generosity, Tv harvesting, and tireless help

Laresa Kosloff, Paul Higgins, Kate Lawrence, Daniel von Sturmer & Meri Blazevski for their various kindnesses and support.

Jesse Stevens of Cake Industries for his technical know-how 

AUT University for sponsoring the project

Benjamin Bradley, for his international invigilation skills