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The Green Text Glasgow

Thomson A, Kosloff L

Audio performance artwork. Partickhill Lawn Bowling Club, 20 Apr 2012 - 07 May 2012

Laresa Kosloff and Andy Thomson presented a Glaswegian version of The Green Text at the Partickhill Bowling Club on Friday 27th April 2012. Invited by Katrina Brown and Kitty Anderson director and curator of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts 2012 to make a new iteration of The Green Text, a performative work first commissioned by The Australian Centre For Contemporary Art, the artists produced a newly edited and scripted 2nd version of a bowls commentary between two imaginary bowling “experts”, Dr. Lindsey Fisher-Price (played by Kari Corbett) and Alistair McLeod (played by David Mullen). The characters commentate a fictional game of lawn bowls whilst comically digressing through a range of topics, from ‘Post Colonialism’ to the subject of ‘boredom’. Audience members were be invited to listen to this commentary on headphones whilst watching a live tournament of lawn bowls between members of the Partickhill Lawn Bowling Club and their friends from other local Glasgow clubs.