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The Green Text
Laresa Kosloff and Andy Thomson

Originally commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
June 2011

The Green Text was a performative event held at the Natimuk Bowling Club in rural Victoria on June 12th, 2011. Kosloff and Thomson created a scripted commentary between two imaginary bowling “experts”, which was recorded and performed by the comic actors Santo Cilauro and Julia Zemiro. Audience members were invited to listen to this commentary on headphones whilst watching a live tournament of lawn bowls.

The characters in The Green Text discuss a fictional game of lawn bowls whilst digressing through a wide range of topics, observations and musings on art, life and the planets. The live event conflated an unfolding narrative with a recorded narrative, exploring strategies of observation, aestheticisation and framing in art; the metaphysical and poetical concepts of Aristotle; relational points of view; sports psychology; and the social function of sporting events and local community. Kosloff and Thomson produced a short film as a parallel document to the live event, which was screened at the Natimuk Soldiers Memorial Hall after the live event.

The Green Text audio file