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Press Release

WeakForce2 A Collaborative Art Installation

Participants: Matthew Sansom (UK), Paul Cullen & Andy Thomson (NZ), Laresa Kosloff (Aus), Bruce Barber & Kim Morgan (Canada).

This new iteration of WeakForce at The Lewis Elton Gallery (as part of the Guildford International Music Festival) weaves mesmeric weaksound into its collaborative web and revisits sculpturally and conceptually Luigi Rusollo’s 'sound intoners' or intonarumori, on this the 100th year anniversary of his ground breaking manifesto The Art of Noises.  ‘The rhythmic movements of a noise are infinite: just as with tone there is always a predominant rhythm, but around this numerous other secondary rhythms can be felt.’

The work here at The Lewis Elton Gallery, has been installed as a reflexive response to this long narrow and beautifully austere, art space. This international collaborative process and its material realisation are premised on the construction and exhibition of a ‘universal gravitational field’ (the long range attractive interaction to be unified and which acts on all particles). Extending these ideas, this project emphasises the ‘weak interaction’, one other of the four interactions, and which is uniquely characterised by the possibility of affecting change (quark flavour) and as the interaction, alongside gravity, through which neutrinos interact. Whilst also considering the Luigi Russolo’s basic premise of a systematic poetics of noise, we have produced an internal and external field of noises, which reference an international quotidian. Using sounds recorded in Canada, Australia, Auckland & Wellington New Zealand, we have devised a way of using vibrational speakers/buckets in an installational space, to reconfigure these sounds from the general field, into a sound and textual composition for the Surrey quotidian.